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Kendall Coffey Articles

Two more defeated candidates in Miami-Dade challenge election results, citing absentee ballot fraud probe (August 30, 2012)

Underserved middle class could sustain underemployed law graduates (August 15, 2012)

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Prosecution Oversight: Beyond The Duke Lacrosse Case, Durham Herald-Sun (September, 2007)

Mortgage Fraud And The Law Enforcement Challenge, Daily Business Review (August, 2007)

Cooperating Witnesses: Milestones in U.S. History, The National Law Journal (August, 2007)

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Liberty’s New Federalism, The Miami Herald (December, 1991)

Three Part Series On The Bill Of Rights, The Miami Times (Spring, 1991)

From Confidence-Keeper To Whistle Blower, Miami Review (April, 1990)

Justice For All Includes Indigents, Miami Review (May, 1988)

Kendall Coffey Books

Foreclosures in Florida, LexisNexis (2008)

Florida Foreclosures: Remedies, Defenses and Lender Liability, Volume I & II, D&S , Butterworth (1991-1998)

Contributing Author: Conozca A Los Estados Unidos, - Chapters on Legal System, Role of Prosecutors and Public Corruption (2009)

Contributing Author: Real Property III (Chapter on Construction Loan Agreements) The Florida Bar

Contributing Author: The Troubled Construction Loan (Chapter on Contractors), Wiley & Sons (1991)

Kendall Coffey Law Journals

Litigating at Light Speed, The Florida Bar Journal (January 2009)

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